Panduit - PR2VD12 - Vertical Cable Manager
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The Panduit® Patchrunner® 2 Vertical Cable Manager combines high-density capability and versatility, freeing up valuable floor space. The fully pre-assembled manager lowers overall costs and sets the standard for the entire cable management industry. Dual-sided, Steel, 45RU, Black, 1pc, Includes two full-length metal, dual-hinging, push-to-close doors.

- It has “Push-to-close” door design that allows for easy operation
- Doors ship with managers, simplifying ordering process with less packaging waste
- No brackets to install; faster installation while reducing labor costs
- Maintains cable bend radius ensuring network performance and system reliability

General Specifications
- The vertical cable manager shall consist of a metal backbone with cable management fingers that align with EIA rack spacing
- The fingers shall be molded out of plastic and provide integral bend radius control throughout the entire length
- The backbone shall have pass through holes for front to back cabling, with the option to blank off with a plug
- The manager shall accept a metal, hinged, push-to close door that can open to the right or left
- The door support brackets shall be integrated into the manager with no assembly required
- The manager shall accept plastic slack management spools that can be repositioned as required
- The vertical panel shall be able to manage all the cable on the rack without the aid of horizontal cable managers

25 Years Performance warranty