Megger Baker DX Motor and Generator Testing
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Baker DX Series


The Baker DX series apply a wide set of off-line electrical tests to assess the condition of motors and coils.

Baker Surveyor DX Software Surveyor DX software enables Baker DX operators to use a personal computer to store more test data, generate and view reports across the full spectrum of Baker DX tests, and share and compare analysis with other maintenance personnel using data from multiple analyzers. Learn more from the Baker Surveyor DX datasheet.

- Comprehensive range of tests in one instrument
- Configurable to meet needs and price point
- 4 kV to 12 kV for wide spectrum of motors and coils
- Compatible with the Baker PPX Power Packs for testing up to 40 kV
- High and low voltage tests to characterize circuits and insulation
- Coil mode for rapid testing and data storage

General Specifications
- Winding resistance
- Inductance
- Capacitance
- Impedance
- Phase angle and D/Q
- Insulation resistance
- Dielectric absorption (DA)
- Polarization index (PI)
- Step voltage
- DC hipot
- Surge
- Surge PD (partial discharge)
- Rotor influence check (RIC)