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FFT Secure Link
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FFT Secure Link
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FFT Secure Link


FFT Secure Link detects and locates unauthorised interference and illegal tapping of the sensitive or secure fibre optic networks, in real-time, before data loss or damage can occur.

The existing fibre optic communication cables can self-monitor for intrusion and third party interference by connecting spare (dark) fibres inside each network cable to FFT Secure Link.

- Provides valuable real-time early warning of unauthorised access
- A single system protects up to 40 km or 25 miles of network pathway
- Locate interference and intrusions to within 25 metres (80 feet) or better
- No impact on data throughput
- Two year warranty

2 years, with optional per year warranty extension available

Electrical Specifications
- Point to Point Configuration: Each FFT Secure Link controller connects to three dark single mode fibres in the sensing cable, protecting up to
40km (25 miles). Multiple FFT Secure Link controllers can protect longer network pathways
- Loop Configuration: Each FFT Secure Link controller connects to two dark single mode fibres in the sensing cable, protecting network
pathways for up to 80km (50 miles)
- Location Accuracy: To within 25 metres (80 feet) anywhere along the data network
- Zone Length and Number: Variable user-configured ‘Virtual Zones’ are created in FFT CAMS to suit specific site requirements
- Probability of Detection (POD): Extremely high due to intelligent signal processing and analysis of disturbances
- Nuisance Alarm Rate (NAR): Minimal due to multi-parameter intelligent signal analysis, discarding non-intrusion and environmental events
- System Interface Interface: (via TCP/IP and FFT CAMS) to more than 40 security, video and access control management systems
and to a wide range of devices including security cameras, lighting, PLCs, SNMP, email and text messaging.
Optional dry contacts
- Alarm Monitoring: FFT CAMS provides the option of real-time monitoring of alarm types and locations using an intuitive map-based
user interface. Intrusion events with GIS co-ordinates are instantly displayed onto a sitemap and automatically logged into a secure database
- Seasonal Calibration: No seasonal calibration or adjustments required
- Operating Temperature Range: FFT Protected Cables: -55°C to +70°C (-67°F to +160°F)
Controller (head end): 0°C to +45°C (32°F to +113°F)
- Electrical Specifications: Input voltage 110-240V AC, 50-60Hz, auto ranging, 148W consumption, internal redundant power supplies. Optional 48V DC available

General Specifications
- Controller Dimensions/Weight: 177mm H x 482mm W x 497mm D (7.0”H x 19.0”W x 19.6”D)
19” rack mounted, 4U high, weight 24kg (53lbs)
- Regulatory Certification: CE certified, FCC Part 15 subpart B Class B