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Secure Point
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FFT Secure Point
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FFT Secure Point


FFT Secure Point is a high performance fibre optic dual zone intrusion detection system for perimeter security and network
physical security.
For perimeter security, FFT Secure Point detects climbing, cutting, lifting and digging under gates and fences using fibre optic sensor cables mounted using cable (zip) ties. For network physical security, FFT Secure Point detects data tapping, cable movement and physical tampering using spare optical fibres inside protected cables.
Simple to install, FFT Secure Point provides affordable fibre optic intrusion detection without compromising for small sites and shorter
distances. Advanced signal processing and event discrimination offer highly sensitive intrusion detection with minimal nuisance

- Detects fence climbing, cutting and lifting, digging under fences, data network physical tampering and data tapping
- Simple installation using pre connectorised cables and set-up software
- Two detection zones (channels)
- Up to 1.6km (1 mile) of sensor cable per zone
- Up to 10km (6 miles) of insensitive lead-in cable from controller to sensor cable
- High sensitivity and probability of detection with low false/nuisance alarm rate
- Effective across a wide temperature range
- Immune to RFI/EMI and intrinsically safe

Warranty - Comprehensive two year warranty with ongoing warranty extension program available for the life of the product.

Electrical Specifications
- Fibre Optic Sensor: Custom UV stabilized single mode fibre optic sensor cable – expected life >20 years. Two and four core cables available with connectors pre-fitted in a range of lengths
- Number of Zones: Two zones (channels) per controller
- Maximum Zone: Length 1.6km (1 mile) of sensing cable per zone
- Lead-in Cable: Up to 10km (6 miles) of insensitive lead-in cable (in addition to sensor cable length)
- Nuisance Alarm Avoidance: Dynamic adjustment and filtering for rain, wind, hail, sandstorms, traffic noise and building vibrations. No requirement for seasonal calibration
- Fence Types: Detects intrusions for most fence types including chain-link, weldmesh, expanded metal, palisade and Ameristar.
- Digging Detection: Detects digging that results in physical movement of the sensor cable
- Data Network Protection: Provides early warning of duct, conduit and cable tampering, cutting, penetration and tapping using two spare. Single mode optical fibres inside the protected or sensing cable
- Operating Temperature Range: FFT Sensor Cable: -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F) standard (special -55°C also available) Controller: -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to +158°F)
- Alarms: Intrusion, fibre break, system fault, over-temperature and tamper
- System Interface: Interface (via TCP/IP and FFT CAMS) to more than 40 security, video and access control management systems and to a wide range of devices including security cameras, lighting, access controls, programmable logical controllers, SNMP, email and text messaging. Custom integrations are supported with free SNMP and software development (SDK) kits
- Connections: Six Form C contact outputs and one RJ45 Ethernet (TCP/IP 10/100Mps) port

General Specifications
- Controller Dimensions/Weight:
• Rack Mount: 1 U high, 43mm H x 482mm W x 215mm D x (1.7” H x 19” W x 8.5” D), 3kg (6.6Ibs)
• Wall Mount: 210mm H x 294mm W x 73mm D (8.3” H x 10.6” W x 2.9” D), 2kg (4.4Ibs)
- Power Consumption: Less than 3W
- Input Voltage: 8 to 30 VDC
- Regulatory Compliance: Regulatory Compliance CE Class B certified, FCC Part 15 subpart B Class B